Our Products

CKD-SKD Disassembled Gas Appliance

Our CKD-SKD disassembled gas appliances are designed to ensure efficiency, safety, and ease of installation. They are ideal for industrial and commercial applications, providing reliable performance and a wide range of customizable options.

District Heating Solutions

We are pioneers in district heating solutions. From distribution systems to heat plants, our products contribute to creating reliable and sustainable district heating networks.

Gas Boiler Heat Exchanger

Our gas boiler heat exchangers are designed to maximize thermal efficiency and reduce operational costs. With high-quality materials and intelligent design, we offer tailored solutions for your heating requirements.

Hydraulic Solutions

Our hydraulic solutions are at the forefront of the industry. From distribution system design to energy efficiency optimization, we work to meet our customers’ needs with reliable and high-performing products.

Plate Heat Exchanger

Our plate heat exchangers are the ideal choice for district heating and other applications. With compact design and exceptional performance, these devices ensure efficient heat transfer.

Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger

Our swimming pool heat exchangers offer superior performance and precise water temperature control. Whether for residential pools or public facilities, we guarantee maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

For years, we have been leaders in the field, offering innovative and high-quality solutions for the gas heating and district heating markets.

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G20 Engineering: Excellence in Industrial Heating and Gas Components

Welcome to G20 Engineering, a forward-thinking company established in 1997 and already globally recognized for its expertise, professionalism, and dynamism.
We specialize in designing and producing components for the Gas Heating and District Heating markets, setting the standard for quality and innovation.

What We Do:

  • Our core business revolves around the production of equipment for Industrial and Commercial Heating.
  • We are based in Carpaneto Piacentino (Piacenza, Italy), occupying an area of approximately 27,000 square meters, with 7,500 square meters dedicated to a modern and functional production facility.

Our Strength:

  • Italian Manufacturing: Our production is entirely Italian, guaranteeing quality, precision, and attention to detail.
  • High-Quality Products: Our heating components are made from top-quality materials and adhere to rigorous production standards.
  • Guaranteed Performance: Internally, we design, assemble, test, and certify all our appliances using our technical department and laboratory equipment.

Discover the comfort of advanced heat with G20 Engineering!